Orb International and C7 International are supporting Emirates Airlines and the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority by bringing a selection of companies in various industries to Dubai to participate in a Central Florida focused, lifestyle and business exhibition on September 6-7, 201. The exhibition is designed to coincide with the opening of the direct route from Orlando to Dubai. The event will follow the already proven and successful format of previous exhibitions that have been held in Brazil, other parts of Latin America, and Europe.


Orb International

Headquartered in Orlando, Florida with offices in Miami, London, São Paulo, Bogotá, Orb International is an award winning, global PR and multimedia firm promoting a variety of in-house platforms including a series of US focused lifestyle & investment exhibitions organized and promoted several times per year in Brazil, Colombia, and soon Mexico and Argentina. Orb also has a strong reach online through its trilingual portal ConXglobal along with publishing Destination USA guides for multilingual download. Orb International offers connection through-out Europe, Asia, Middle East and Latin America.


About Orb’s Exhibitions

One of the most successful platforms that Orb has developed is the series of USA focused lifestyle and investment exhibitions which travels to numerous foreign destinations on a regular basis. The events attract exhibitors from Orlando, Miami, New York City, Atlanta, Texas, and other States. Generally, Orb’s exhibitions are 2-day events with an educational seminar series that covers topics such as the real estate process, international taxation, immigration, the US school system, business expansion to the US and more.

Orb International  also manages the USA presence of top expos in UK, Russia, Netherlands, Germany, China, Singapore, etc.

Examples of recent media that we have generated overseas with some of our previous events:

About C7 International

International C7 International is a consulting practice and business development partner focused on connecting U.S. businesses to the Middle East. Every activity is driven by relationships and doing things the right way. Every transaction must be a win-win for all involved. Opportunities are given, but trust is earned. This philosophy is ingrained in everything C7 does. C7 provides tier one UAE Business Development, Middle East Consulting and Security and Logistics Consulting. The company’s UAE network runs deep and it is very selective on who it brings to the relationships it has built. It boasts a solid network of consultants, venture capital and specialized management teams, as well as attorneys, government officials and business leaders. It’s growing portfolio includes various Middle Eastern entities with highly confidential contracts in the hundreds of millions. Partners of C7 count on its business development expertise and unparalleled experience with government contracting operations, navigating the geopolitical environment and fluent language skills. Within its Security and Logistics operation, C7’s active duty law enforcement officers and network teams can cover any market in the United States, with low-key, minimal exposure that will not compromise security or experience. For groups ranging from 100 to 5,000 people, C7’s partners bring best-in-class practices to travel, in-airport clearance, destination management, transportation and complete security integration.

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