Florida Dubai Link to bring experts to ME

September 01, 2015

DUBAI: ‘The Florida Dubai Link’ exhibition is bringing well-chosen companies and leading experts from Central Florida to the Middle East, to participate in a 2-day event from Sept.6-7, yielding international partnership opportunities.

The exhibition will include an educational seminar series and round table discussions designed to engage and connect with attendees interested in the various topics creating immense opportunities that will be covered over the 2 days. Nicknamed as The Sunshine State and known for its balmy climate and natural beauty, Florida is now expanding its horizons to provide great prospects to UAE residents.

With abundant expansion opportunities in an area of breathtaking natural beauty, Dubai and Florida share a strong synergy and this new partnership is expected to bring about the best of both places. Marking the beginning of a connection between Florida and the UAE, the 2-day exhibition is expected to invite thousands of new tourists and a whole new world of investment and business opportunities to Florida and vice versa to Dubai.

The seminar is anticipated to hold a presentation and a panel discussion between US and Dubai based industry professionals on various topics such as Florida being a key real estate and vacation destination, creating and expanding business to Florida, admission for children in the US school system, EB- visas, banking and much more.

This gives attendees a better understanding of the unbelievable opportunities that the state of Florida has to offer.

Right from business development to education benefits for your children, this new link is about to favor its attendees with incredible expansion prospects.

The various wide-scope industries that will be part of this intriguing project include Real Estate options, Commercial Investments, Business Opportunities, Schools and Universities, Immigration, Import/Export.



Florida Dubai Link to bring experts to ME

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Real Estate . Commercial Investments . Business Opportunities . Schools & Universities . Lifestyle & travel destinations . Immigration & EB-5 . Industry connections . Much more

With new direct flights beginning from Dubai to Orlando on September 1, 2015 with Emirates Airlines, a whole new world of opportunity is available in business, travel, and lifestyle.

.On Sept 6-7th we will bring 15 companies to Dubai for a 2 day exhibition. 2 days of educational seminars & round tables. The beginning of a connection between both communities.


Join and meet professionals as real estate agents, brokers, immigration attorneys, taxation advisors, finance companies, builders, and EB-5 Centers representatives. Educational seminars on the buying process of real estate in the USA. Discover many real estate investment opportunities. Residential & Commercial real estate * Immigration * Mortgage & finance * Property Management * International Taxation * Currency exchange * Banking and much more

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