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September 04, 2015

Florida opens doors to expats, and this time it's talking business. The Gulf times - Dubai


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With new direct flights beginning from Dubai to Orlando on September 1, 2015 with Emirates Airlines, a whole new world of opportunity is available in business, travel, and lifestyle.

.On Sept 6-7th we will bring 15 companies to Dubai for a 2 day exhibition. 2 days of educational seminars & round tables. The beginning of a connection between both communities.


Join and meet professionals as real estate agents, brokers, immigration attorneys, taxation advisors, finance companies, builders, and EB-5 Centers representatives. Educational seminars on the buying process of real estate in the USA. Discover many real estate investment opportunities. Residential & Commercial real estate * Immigration * Mortgage & finance * Property Management * International Taxation * Currency exchange * Banking and much more

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